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  • I don't get any emails after placing an order
    If you don’t receive the email, we recommend you to check your Spam, Promotions and Social folders. If the email appears in the above folders, you should add this address to your contact list to prevent the situation from happening again.
  • Do you send materials to my country?
    Before placing your order, confirm with the store the possibility of shipping to your country.
  • When will I receive the materials after payment
    Access to the purchased seminars is provided within 3 days of the payment. In your email, provided during the order, you will receive the YouTube instructions. Follow the access links after registering under the correct email. Physical products are mailed several times a month, but the shipping is not worldwide. Once the package is shipped, you will receive a tracking number with the name of the postal service.
  • How to get access to a purchased seminar?
    You will receive an email invitation from YouTube with links to the seminars (make sure you follow the link using the email address you provided when you ordered). You can also find your files in your private Youtube playlist
  • How long will access to videos be available?
    Access to your personalised YouTube playlist will be available for 3 months.
  • Why has my order been cancelled?
    Pay attention to the number of the canceled order! Unfinished orders without registration or payment are cleared automatically. The list of your orders and their status update can be seen in your personal account.
  • How can I order your books
    Books can only be purchased on Amazon (go to: Store - in the Books section there is an option to open the page with the book of your choice). We are not responsible for the delivery timeframe provided by Amazon. Please contact Amazon customer service with any questions related to your book order.
  • When will I receive my tracking number and my package?
    Items are shipped twice a month. Please make sure your COMPLETE ADDRESS was written according to the international format, otherwise the package will not be sent.
  • Can I study the same materials with a family member/roommate?
    Warning! The files are provided for personal use only! Each student follows his own path from the beginning and on. Forbidden: sharing the links or seminars with third parties, exchanging links with other students, using links for commercial gain, posting The Menshikova School’s materials on other resources, using its methods partially or entirely to teach other people.
  • What is the matrix?
    The matrix is a conduit of consciousness, a projection of the subtle bodies placed on a material carrier. The matrix is not a jewelry item, not an amulet or talisman, but a tool for working with one’s own consciousness. On the 4th day of the 1st Main course, students charge the matrix with the vibrations of all the different levels of their consciousness from within the base state “I am as I am.” As a result, the subsequent use of the Matrix immediately turns on the base state “I am as I am” and the vital rhythm. By activating certain energetic bodies with the help of the matrix of consciousness, you can adjust your emotional state to solve specific problems. With the help of the matrix, you can remove negative energy vibrations, get rid of the consequences of stressful situations, and do so much more. But we must remember that the matrix is not a panacea, it is only an assistant. Working with the matrix
  • What is the matrix and is it possible to do without it?
    The matrix is recommended for studying at the Main Department of the School. Although you can participate in the class without it. The Matrix is sent by mail. It can be ordered later if it was not included in your original order. A second matrix cannot be ordered. Giving your matrix to others is strictly prohibited!
  • How long should the matrix be worn?
    After completing the 1st Main course, it is recommended to wear the matrix for some time on the body or in close proximity to oneself or be able to quickly use it if necessary. If you wear the matrix on your body, please note that the cord or chain must be strong. Once you are able to easily control your attention while working with your consciousness, there will no longer be any need to keep the matrix with you at all times. In this case, you will only need to get in contact with it from time to time in order to record the changes in your consciousness on to the carrier.
  • What to do if a stranger touches the matrix?
    Take care of your matrix – in case of a loss, the one who finds it gets direct access to your consciousness and an opportunity to influence it. If you lose the matrix – you will need to buy another one and charge it again. Do not allow anyone to touch the matrix, neither children, nor relatives, nor, especially, strangers – any touch disturbs its fine settings and it ceases to be your assistant. If it happens that someone touched your matrix, it will need to be recharged according to the technique of Day 4 of the 1st Main Course.
  • Can I charge the matrix for my children or other people?
    You can charge the matrix only for yourself. Сhildren up to 3 – 6 years old stay under the energy-informational field of the mother, under her protection. The child will be able to independently charge the matrix when it reaches an age of conscious decision-making.
  • What to do if the matrix became darker? Can it be cleaned?
    The matrix of the School is made of brass. Metal may darken when it’s been in contact with bodily vibrations. In this case, you can clean the matrix yourself. it is recommended to recharge the matrix after you clean it. However, there are many cases among students when, over time, the matrix brightened by itself.
  • Is it possible to make the matrix of consciousness on my own or use another amulet for it?
    You can make your own matrix. You need to make a matrix from a material capable of storing information for a long time, for example, metal or stones. In this case, you need to remember that it must be harmonious and be able to fulfill the main purpose – to be your assistant in working with the consciousness.The Matrix is a metal pendant, a cast of your consciousness.
  • How soon can I apply to the next course?
    When it comes to learning, there is no need to rush, but neither should you remain at the same course longer than necessary to master the material. Senior course transition
  • How can I transfer to the 2nd Course?
    If you have studied all the materials of the 1st course, mastered all the practices, and feel that it is time for you to move further, then you should apply for an interview with a Mentor. Recommended study sequence Interview guidelines
  • What kind of diploma will I receive when I graduate?
    The school does not issue diplomas or certificates. Your success and changes in your life, your real world achievements will be your diploma.
  • Can I teach other people using the School's methodology?
    School materials are only provided for personal use and development of one’s consciousness. You cannot share its methods with other people or use them for commercial gain. The right to teach is given exclusively by the Master to the mentor of the School and only after a long preliminary preparation
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