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The set of candles from all 9 worlds of the Yggdrasil tree.

Please check the option to send the order by post to your country before paying for the order.

Designed to help students in the 2nd course of the Runes Department and all those who wish to make magical journeys through the worlds of the tree Yggdrasil.


The book "Runes Reveal The Mysteries Of The World" may also be of help to you.


The set consists of:


1 Muspelheimr

The original primordial world of Fire. The world of transformation. The world of the gods with a fiery nature. This world is the informational channel that connects us to other worlds. And when there is a change in another world, there is a change in our world through this channel.

Immersing yourself in this world gives you the understanding of what mechanism, what algorithm you need to apply in order to start the transformation you need.


2 Niflheimr

The primordial world. Primordial knowledge. The world of Ice. The world of the constants, the structure of the world and the eternal truth. The world where the minds of the Primordial Gods, the Titans, live. The world of the Frost Giants. Immersing yourself in this world will give you a deep understanding of the essence, the keys to your situations.


3 Jotunheimr

The world of ancient memory. It is home to the Jotuns, powerful consciousnesses, the primordial forces of nature, the mountain giants. This world holds all the memories of what was before the beginning of time. Immersing yourself in this world will help you to understand:

- the mysteries of your bloodline 

- your incarnational memory 

- the causes of your situations


4 Vanaheimr

The world of Nature. Natural forces and spirits. The world of the Vanir. The world of living and ever-changing nature. The power of life and the power of death. The power of organic existence. Immersing yourself in this world will not only show you the outcome of the present moment, but will also give you the understanding of how your situation will be in the future.


5 Asgard

The world of law and order. In this world are the minds of the Aesirs - the gods of law and order. The first principle of the world is that everything must be done according to the law. Immersing yourself in this world gives you the opportunity to connect and interact with the minds of these gods. It will give you the opportunity to understand the laws by which this world is built, which will help you to understand the causes and effects of your situations.


6 Hel

The world of darkness and chaos. The goddess Hel is the ruler of this world. In this world, the line between good and evil is blurred. Here you can leave those tasks that you are not yet able to handle in Hel's care for the necessary time. Immersing yourself in the depths of your original nature will give you the opportunity to analyse the current situation without the influence of the outside world and to learn the necessary lessons.


7 Alfheimr

The world of winning Ideas. The world of the gods of Good. This world contains all the winning techniques and inventions. Immersing yourself in this world will give you insight into your core values and goals and show you the idea behind your situations - why the 'here and now' is the way it is.


8 Svartalfheimr

The world of embodied ideas. The matrix of structure. Ancient knowledge. Forms of substance that must be embodied in this world. Here live the consciousnesses of the gods-Masters, dark elves, zwergs, dwarfs - those who create magical items. Immersing yourself in this world will give you the opportunity to gain the knowledge to realise your ideas and their true embodiment.


9 Midgard

The middle world. The world of people. Interaction of the human world with the other 8 worlds. Time that rotates the whole system of worlds. The combination of the power of memory and the power of organic life. Immersion in this world will teach you to understand time, its multi-dimensionality. The human world will open up to you in detail and volume, with the changes of epochs, the rise and fall of civilisations.

Candle Set “The Nine Worlds”