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In this course you will unlock the potential of your inner energy, learn how to manage the power of your emotions and how to direct it towards the achievement of your goals.


At this course you will:

  • learn how to distinguish your own desires from those imposed by others
  • acquire the skill of managing emotions
  • do a practical work with the Astral body
  • practise lucid dreaming
  • learn to perform Astral cleansing, a technique that releases resources from your own subconscious
  • develop the skill of reprogramming
  • develop correct desire formation
  • free your consciousness from the fears and consequences of emotional trauma
  • gain a natural mechanism for fulfilling your own desires


Consist of:

  • The main course -4 days
  • Diagnostics and Correction of the Astral Body Damage (AB Cleansing) -0-18 years
  • Specific Astral Body Cleansing. Family, love, marriage
  • Emotional Hygiene. Emotional Meditation Technique
  • Money-2. Fear of Money
  • Dreaming. Astral Projection


Admission prerequisites: completion of the 1st course of the Main department (Etheric body) and interview with the mentor.


Recommended study sequence


Astral Body. Second course. Complete (Sufficient minimum)

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  • Once access has been provided, the order cannot be cancelled and payment is non-refundable.

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