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Sensations are that instrument through which a person receives information about the outside world. Consequently, any practitioner of magic should skillfully master all the techniques of working with sensations. 


At this course you will:

  • study the sevenfold structure of consciousness
  • enhance the skill of quick concentration of attention
  • learn to self-assess the current state of the Etheric body
  • learn about different vibrational ranges of the physical body
  • find your inner source of power
  • explore the technique of etheric projection
  • master the following basic techniques: vital rhythm and “I am as l am “
  • self-assess your own chakral structures
  • learn how to boost your chakras by activating them
  • charge the Matrix

1st course of the Main Department consists of:
– 4 Basics Lessons. Duration: 4 days (3 hours each). The Matrix doesn't include. You need to add it to the cart.
– 7 additional seminars. The duration of each seminar is 3 hours. 


• Augmentation of the Etheric body

• Correction of the Prenatal Development

• Chakral Breathing

• Energetic Damages

• Money-1: Energetic prosperity levels 

• Health Through the Power of the Elements

• The Power of the Totem


Recommended study sequence




Etheric body. First course.Complete