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The human body is organised in such a way that, in principle, it should not get sick.  A mechanism for automatically correcting “system problems” is initially built into the body.


The body is designed to adjust itself without distracting its owner from more important things. But under the influence of the environment and prolonged stress, this system can fail. That is when the body starts to get sick. 


So the conclusion is that we have to get this system working again, so that it will start to correct the problems of the body on its own.


The techniques that students learn in this seminar are designed to achieve this goal. The result is the elimination of chronic diseases, the ability to draw energy from nature and the surrounding space, and the synchronisation of natural biorhythms with the external environment. 


Recommended study sequence

Duration: approx. 3 hours
Admission: completion of the 4 basic lessons of the 1st Main course

Health through the Power of the Elements