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Our body remembers everything, even things that our brain has forgotten. This is called body memory. Body memory begins to form at the moment of conception before a person takes his first breath. Everything that a mother goes through during the period of her pregnancy will also be experienced by the child.


A child feels and understands everything, but not with the mind. It feels and understands everything with the body, that is, through sensation.

It is necessary to awaken this memory and also to make sure that it does not negatively affect the life of an adult person. This requires some simple but very important work. 


At this seminar you will:

  • Understand the concept of biological memory. 
  • Analyse how prenatal development affects physical health and personality.
  • Explore the energy and information content of the prenatal period from conception to birth.
  • Remove blockages that were formed during the period of prenatal development
  • Perform birth trauma correction
  • Harmonise relations with your mother


We must remember that this period of life is the foundation upon which the entire structure of consciousness (including the physical body) is built.

And the harmonisation of this period leads to significant results: restoring and maintaining health, revealing the potential possibilities of consciousness and overcoming the “embedded” internal limitations. 


Recommended study sequence

Duration: approx. 3 hours
Admission: completion of the 4 basic lessons of the 1st Main course


Correction of the Prenatal Development

  • Once access has been provided, the order cannot be cancelled and payment is non-refundable.

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